Policies hostel «YourHostel»

To stay in our hostel left only good memories and positive emotions, please carefully review the rules for guests.

Work schedule.
The hostel is open from 7:00 to 23:00. The settlement is carried out from 7:00 to 22:00, check-out – 12:00, regardless of time of arrival.

The order of payment.
Accommodation should pay to settle in the room. Debt service accommodation is not available. For extension of stay must be paid the next day, week or month until 11:00 on the last day stay. If the 11:00 payment failed, the Administration has the right to settle in another person is not a paid position. In case of early check-out, guest or not paid in time, re-payment is not made.
3. Request and restrictions.
We want to make our hostels maximum comfort for guests, so we are prohibited:

using drugs and alcohol (including alcoholic beverages);
be in possession of weapons and explosives;
smoking, including – on the landing, balcony or in the bathroom;
invite to visit people who do not live in the hostel;
noise, loud stomping and kicking litter and leave the mess on the bed;
enter into intimate relationships in general multi room not intended for private residence;
use profanity, offend visitors or administrator.
Do not do none of the above – Hostel is located under the “hot” button protection, there is round the clock video surveillance. Those who consume alcohol and violate the rules of the hostel, the territory is not allowed and automatically vyselyayutsya without returning money paid for accommodation.
We ask you:

turn off the light in the room at 23:00. It prevents other guests to sleep;
after 24:00 do not use gadgets, phones, computers and others. technology, not talk, do not walk on the territory of the hostel not use the kitchen (you can only use toilets);
do not use the elevator after 23:00;
observe good personal hygiene;
comply with fire safety.
Guest is responsible for the use of property hostel – furniture and home appliances. In the event of damage to Guest compensate for the loss in full. When eviction obtained property (sheets, towels, etc.) need to pass administrator.
We sincerely hope to tolerance, integrity and accuracy of our guests. Think about the people who are close to you!

4. storage.
The hostel is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings of people living in the hostel. If the visitor is considered evicted, service store his personal belongings at the hostel territory is not available.
After 3 days of administration has the right to dispose of abandoned and forgotten personal belongings of people who are not residing in the hostel.
Important: The administrator has the right to refuse guests in placing under the following circumstances: the lack of documents, drunk, unwillingness to pay, misconduct (hooliganism), and other circumstances that may violate the rights of other guests.